EDB BigAnimal Buying Guide

Learn more about how to get started with the only distributed, fully managed, Oracle-compatible Postgres database—available on every cloud–in this BigAnimal buying guide.

ESG Technical Validation of EDB BigAnimal

Read this report to learn how BigAnimal, minimizes deployment and management time of Postgres databases, maximizes uptime using Postgres Distributed, a "near-zero downtime" option and simplifies Oracle migrations to Postgres in the cloud, using the complete suite of EDB migration tools.

Database Protection and Innovation Requires Enterprise Support: 3 Must-Read Success Stories

Your database is the heart of your business, so you don’t want to take any unnecessary risks with it. Problems like unplanned outages or botched upgrades can cause massive damage to productivity and reputation. That’s why so many organizations using Community PostgreSQL have adopted enterprise grade support services like EDB Community 360. Providing 24/7 support from those who know Postgres best, EDB Community 360 takes Postgres to the next level. Just ask these three customers!