EDB Postgres for Kubernetes

Leveraging cloud native Postgres, EDB Postgres for Kubernetes adds speed, efficiency and protection for your infrastructure modernization.

Streamline Deployment in the Cloud and Scale on a Dime

With the growing demand for fast application development and microservices, you need deployment options that fit—now and in the future.

Full Lifecycle

EDB Postgres for Kubernetes covers the full lifecycle of a Postgres database cluster with a primary/standby architecture, using native Postgres streaming replication.

Consistent and Reliable

On premises or in the cloud, EDB Postgres for Kubernetes runs identically everywhere, giving you consistent and reliable experiences. This also includes Red Hat OpenShift.

Extra Security

EDB Postgres for Kubernetes provides secure data in-flight, automated patch management, and implements least privilege model.

Leading the DevOps Movement

EDB is a CNCF Kubernetes Certified Services Provider, silver member of CNCF and Linux Foundation and founding sponsor of the Data on Kubernetes Community.

Postgres Choices

Whether your business wants open source PostgreSQL, or Oracle compatibility with EDB Postgres Advanced Server—or both—our cloud native operator will work for you.

Automation of Deployment Tasks

Free up your team to drive business value and accelerate time-to-market.

Automated Healing

If something breaks, EDB Postgres for Kubernetes restores functionality by providing failover, switchover, backup, recovery and rolling upgrades.

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